Montag, 9. September 2019

BookOff - What's that?

Bookoff / Book Off is one the biggest brands for used items in all of Japan. It's famous across the whole country and one can find those shops in every region, from small town shops to big size stores in metropolitan areas.

From used books over to CDs, DVDs, games and other used items like smartphones you will find the perfect preowned product for you, very often in a condition that seems to be new.

Before going to Japan for the first time of my life in 2010 a good friend of mine recommended me to visit a shop called BOOKOFF, he went to Japan several months before me and he loved the shops offering many games and old game guides,I remember he talked about and presented to me a guide book for Fire Emblem 6 Sword of Seals (Fuin no Tsurugi) and I was almost instantly on fire to get my hands on my own copy of the game and this particular guide. And at the end of that vacation in 2010 I had the game for ~3500Yen and owned the guide twise with a third one already being shipped to me from, because I found the book in an average condition at a store in Shinjuku, close to the JR Yoyogi Station (〒151-0053 東京都渋谷区代々木1丁目58−1) and I wanted to get a better one, which I found on Amazon, purchased it and chose delivery to Germany. Unexpected and maybe karma related I saw a nearly new version of this guide and bought it thinking I could still cancel my Amazon order - pas possible - so I have 3 now.

Whenever I'm in Japan I need to visit those stores beside the big tourist attraction and sightsseeing spots because they always offer a good bargain.

The awesome item condition, the nice prices are the wide variety are just a few reasons to make that stores worth visiting, I've already spent hundred of hours there and found many treasues, mostly games and game guides but also "normal" books, e.g. a few F.R.I.E.N.D.S "encyclopedia" books or a SEINFELD script from the US.

Just to give you an idea, here's my 2010 LOOT:

I'm looking forward to my next visit and the items that I can find. It's hard to decide for a favorite store per region, because the stock always changes and it also depends on your target ignoring everything else, but the one in Tokyo Akiba is a very big one with 6 floors but it got famous abroad and not just throughout Japan so the prices are a bit higher than elsewhere. Ueno and Ikebukuro are pretty good as well, in Ikebukuro I almost everytime found and bought something (more or less) useful, sadly the one with 40.000 foreign books in Tokyo close to the Shirokanedai Metro station is closed.

In Osaka the one in Namba is quite nice. During my working holiday in 2015/2016 while I was in Yufuin I did a Bookoff tour in Oita and Beppu for one day finding treasures like Castlevania Symphony of the Night for 2000Yen and other cool stuff.

Beside the Bookoff shops there are Hardoff, Hobbyoff and other brands that all belong together.
Here are a few pictures of my early years:

Ikebukuro - Sunshine City

Already closed - Shirokanedai

Gotanda -nice one


To round up the BOOKOFF shops and to give a hint about the item variety of the stores and to make you laught I linked the current coomercial campaign, the reactions of the customers in video 3 and 4 are gorgeous

That's all 4 now - See you soon at Tokyo Game Show 2019 or any Bookoff close to you.

Montag, 25. März 2019

Bushido Virtue #1 GI

The first virtue of the samurai code is Gi, its meaning is justice or fairness. It's far beyond the rule of not cheating in battle, it's also about decisions, not judging by personal favor but by quality. The samurai culture is very often still alive in Japan's modern day society especially in old corporate companies that still take care of traditions. This way it's about giving fair chances to everyone in every situation in life. One movie example where you can see this virtue is "Last Samurai" where the lead actor is captured after a battle, making hi a prisoner (Shuujin), but still the lord Katsumoto is giving him a fair chance to get to know each other though they are enemies he is threating him with respect.

Although Gi is part of the Bushido - the way of the warrior - in some cases the samurai had double standards, especially in realtion to other casts or ranks. They sometimes exploited their right to weild a sword in public by killing civillians if they were displeased by them, neither fair nor respectful.

That's it so far about the 1st of 7 virtues of the Samurai.

Samstag, 23. März 2019

Bushido - the Way of the Samurai

I will explain the 7 virtues of the Samurai next week.

Just to give you a short Teaser








Mittwoch, 20. März 2019

Time for some Books

Tomorrow starts the Book Fair Leipzig / Leipziger Buchmesse (LBM) and the Manga-Comic-Con as well, don't forget to bring your glasses and load your camera batteires for all the Cosplayers around, see you there!

Samstag, 16. März 2019

Book Fair 2019 is coming soon

Be prepared and pack your camera gear for the hundrets of Cosplayer on those 4 days in March from 21st until 24th.

Of course a Book fair is also about the latest books that you definitely should not miss, especially when you are planning on writing and publishng your own material just look for a matching publisher and get in contact with editors, otherwise the section for self-publishing might fit you, because it has never been easier to cast your own work into the world of readers.

If you are just into reading, can just explore all the halls and maybe you can get an autograph of a famous or your most beloved author him-/herself.

I will check the picturebook section like every year hoping to find the right motivation for my own work being able to choose from 40.000 pics about Japan, increasing my portfolio every year ;)

The Cosplayers that you are unable to miss not just in their "own area" Manga-Comic-Con will get most of my attention.

There are a few interesting booths (not the shops, it's way too expensive, import your stuff) for example NINTENDO presenting their latest Games as well as GamesRoom SVVAMP offering tournaments and a nice place to relax and experience some great multiplayer games.

Be prepared for some awesome work next week.

Just compare the amazing Cosplay work from DREAMHACK 2019

Just to tease you with some Cosplayers from 2018

Donnerstag, 14. März 2019

White Day

Time to celebrate White Day. It's quite common in Japan to return the favor of receiving chocolate on Valentinesday by giving back the same amount of white chocolate on March 14th to women, the gift can also be a symbol of love or how much you cherish someone in the way of giving jewellery back. In Japan this day is also very often used to propose. Happy White Day, everyone! Rittersport and a Subway Cookie should do a good job for that. Look HERE

Montag, 28. Januar 2019

Dreamhack 2019 was amazing

This year's Dreamhack was amazing.

I'm very glad that this fair is growing by every year, hopefully it won't be taken away like once the Games Convention was taken and transfered to Cologne as GamesCom a few years after the Games Convention was established in Leipzig as Europe's equivalent to E3 or the Tokyo Game Show.

After trying to revive the franchise of the former Games Convention as Games Convention Online (legally the trademark of Games Convention still belonged to Leipziger Messe) the attempt sadly failed, one of the main reason that killed the franchise was the decision to turn it into a trade fair upsetting all the fans who took their days off.

Anyway, the attempt of a second try with almost the same concept as GC Online being some "sort of brother in law" succeeded - the DREAMHACK was born and has been growing ever since.

The LAN-Party hall is giving you an old school  LAN Party feeling, playing 3 days straight with lots of energy drinks, junk food and gallons of coffee.

There were also a few shops selling overpriced merchandise items of the latest TRIPLE AAA Games - I only import directly or buy in Japan, so I normally ignore those retailers.

Beside the presentations and several tournaments the Cosplayers became a big attraction, maybe my number 1 pick to attend the DREAMHACK.

The German Cosplay scene is getting better and better every year, I can't tell if I prefer the German or the Japanese Cosplayers.

Now Here's a selection of a few of my favorite Cosplayers of this event - ENJOY!

The last 2 pictures were no Cosplayers but the gaming grounds.

I am happy to come again next year, hopefully it won't be taken by Cologne ;)

The next big event is the book fair Leipzig (Leipziger Buchmesse) from March 21st-24th, see you there.

Samstag, 26. Januar 2019

It's time for Dreamhack 2019

Hello fellow Gamers, the DREAMHACK in Leipzig has come again.

Get your gears ready for 3 days of fun with online games and several e-sports competition.

It's also time to start the Cosplay Season 2019 with amazing costume artists portraying your favorite characters, be sure to gather a few pictures of those awesome Cosplays.
The DREAMHACK will be from February 15th - February 17th.

Freitag, 26. Januar 2018

Monster Hunter World - JOIN the HUNT

It's Friday, 26th of January and finally Monster Hunter World has been released.

Many new Monsters are waiting for, especially the Nergigante, the new Flagship Elder Dragon, that Looks a little like a hybrid between Teostra and Diablos and is extremely annoying, just like he was in the last Beta when you had to defeat him in 15 minutes compared to 20 for the other wyvern in the other 3 quests.

All of the Areas are extremely huge and wild and you can freely explore them, no more loading Screens between the Areas, that's amazing, so you can track the reatures a lot better when they try to escape.

I was waiting for the latest installement of this great series for a long time now and was looking Forward to the release since I tried the demo the first time at Tokyo Game Show.


Grab your disc for CAPCOM's Monster Hunter World on PS4 or XBOX One now and JOIN THE HUNT!!!

See You in the jungle, soon, let's join forces andhunt together!